Tips to Win More Often and Lose Less Often at Craps


Is craps a complicated game for you? Well, actually this game is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. This game of chance has several special features and many possible uses. That’s why this game is not one of the most popular games among beginners who play at casinos. However, there are ways to balance and increase your chances of winning at craps. We’ll give you tips that will help you gain the upper hand at craps.

Don’t forget that craps is a game of chance

Even though you can lose less money with the right strategies, craps remains a game of chance where everything depends on luck and chance. In almost all variants of Craps, every Craps betting form has a house edge. So it is very important not to overestimate yourself when it comes to gambling and especially games of chance like craps. Regardless of which strategy you choose, the long-term house edge is always there.

Learn all the betting options in craps


There are many forms of betting in craps. The simplest of these are Pass Bet (7.11; lost at 2,3,12; tied at other numbers), Don’t Pass Bet (2.3; lost at 7 or 11; tied at 12). They are also called multi-roll bets: If numbers are rolled that are not “win” or “loss” numbers, you have to roll the dice again until you get certain numbers on the dice. These two basic bets have the lowest house edges in the game. Learn a pi so first these two forms of betting and then move on to the next ones. Be careful with the types of bets for which the casino charges additional fees.

Choose the reliable online casino with craps

Without this step it never works. Before you play online craps, seriously consider choosing a good (online) casino that offers not only the classic game, but also several versions of craps and craps in the demo version. The good casino must also be licensed and offer solid bonuses. Also look for quality of payment options and customer service.

Manage your bankroll

Bankroll is the (monthly) gaming budget. Therefore, before playing craps, you have to determine the maximum amount of money you have to spend on games in an online casino on a weekly/monthly/semi-annual basis. You also have to determine exactly how much money you have to spend for a single gaming session. Be guided by the following percentage of the bankroll: 1%-5%. There are also various methods that can be used to calculate the stake depending on the risk and game.

Play Craps in demo mode first


Games in demo mode are games without risk because you don’t have to deposit any real money. Especially with Craps, the game with many complex betting forms, it is worth trying out the game for free first. This is how you develop a feel for Craps gameplay and practice all forms of betting without losing your own finances. Demo mode is also perfect for practicing the games because you don’t have to worry about your bankroll or self-control.


Craps is a fascinating casino game, but it has many nuances and facets. The tips listed above will help you improve at craps without risk and enjoy this game even more.

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