Tips and tricks for success in betting on football for professional tipsters

various sports dream

Many fans of various sports dream of mastering sports betting. Finally, online bookmakers offer many betting markets. As a tipper, you have to master various tactics and strategies, which we would like to address in this value guide.

Don’t bet on too many football matches

There are so many football games to bet on every day that you can bet on which events. But if you keep an eye on too many leagues and teams, the quality of the forecasts is zero. It is necessary to select the most interesting championships and tournaments. The ones you enjoy watching and the teams you know more about. And you don’t even need to look at the other games. It is better to delve into the games for which there is information.

Note the form of both teams

various sports dream

Regardless of a club’s past status, past successes have little value on the outcome of any given game. Rather, it depends on the current form of the team. The bettor needs to look at the statistics, the results of the last 5 games. If the championship games were diluted by cup or European Cup games, then take a period of more than 10 games.

In addition to statistics, it is very good if the bettor has watched some games. In the first phase, the results are evaluated in their entirety. What predominates: wins, draws or defeats? In the second phase, home and away results are considered separately. The third step is to assess the strength of the opponents against whom these results were achieved.

Analyze the motivation of the teams

To make a prediction for the game, one needs to understand the format of the tournament it is a part of. You have to be sure that the team absolutely has to win there. The national championship and the Champions League always have priority. Many teams do not take the national cup or the Europa League lightly.

In order to set the right accents before the game, you need to know the attitude of a particular club to this or that competition.

Sometimes the attitude can be easily calculated based on the coaches’ comments and the team lined up for the game. So until you know whether the main team or the understudy will play, it’s not worth betting.

Check out both teams’ lineups

various sports dream

First of all, you need to know the approximate main roster of the teams you regularly bet on. If some players are unavailable due to injuries, excess numbers or something similar, we can estimate how much impact this will have on the game. There are players who can be replaced equally depending on their position. And there are team captains in different ranks whose absence can have a direct impact on the result. Therefore, you need to find out not only about injuries and disqualifications, but also about the importance of the game and the official line-up before the game.

Consider what style of play each of the two teams has

It is necessary to briefly formulate for yourself the style in which both teams play. If the team always plays in the same style, regardless of the opponent’s status, it is easier. If the team adapts: playing quickly against outsiders, more cautiously against midfielders and defending deeply against top clubs, then you have to know all this, understand it and transfer it to the next game.

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