Deposits and Withdrawals Methods on Online Bookmakers 

Betting Bookmakers

The first activity any bettor makes after joining a bookmaker is depositing money into their bet account. It involves transferring funds from their personal to their bet account via payment providers. The online gambling industry is dependent on these payment providers. It is what forms the bedrock for their day-to-day activities. Online bookmakers are popular because they operate on the basis of easy payments. So, if processing these transactions becomes difficult, it gives them a bad rep. 

In this technological era, there are more than one means of processing transactions. There are several payment options in the online sector, each having its unique features. For example, some may offer both local and international transactions, while others solely focus on one. So, for online bookies to ensure the satisfaction of their customers, their payment section must be diverse. This gives bettors the freedom to make their choice. It is also helpful in case one payment provider is down, there are others still available. 

Depending on the nature and amount of your transaction, each payment category has its benefits. Under each payment category, there are a lot of active providers that bettors can implement for their transactions. The ivibet banking section is heavily fortified with several payment categories. They include: 

Credit/Debit Cards

Betting Bookmakers

They are regarded as a traditional method of processing payment. Also, credit/debit cards are the most used transaction method in any online bookie. Depending on your location, the providers offered by the bookmaker may vary. However, the most common options present are Visa and Mastercard. 


E-wallets give its users the ability to own virtual accounts. Through these virtual accounts, bettors can store money and receive payments. Users can link their credit/debit cards to their e-wallets, or fund their e-wallet directly. E-wallets are perfect for individuals who do a lot of online activity that involves a lot of deposits and withdrawals. For online bettors, having an e-wallet could prove very beneficial. In addition, it also prevents any form of contact between your bank account and the bookmaker. Notable e-wallet payment providers in online betting platforms include Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. 

Bank Transfers 

Betting Bookmakers

Bettors can now directly fund their bet account with their preferred amount through bank transfers. An account is provided by the bookmaker in which they have to transfer their deposits in. Once done the payment is verified, and the deposit amount is reflected on the bettors’ profile. Despite not being a quick method of payment, it makes up for it by being safe and convenient. 


A new category of payment making its way into the online betting scene is cryptocurrencies. Many bookies are now adopting this payment method due to demand for its use by bettors. This payment method allows punters to fund their accounts with top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. 

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