Betting on Number of Goals in Football: Explanation of the Betting Market

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The number of goals scored in football matches is the basis for many types of bets and game strategies. At sportsbooks you will always find number of goals bets. This betting market is probably one of the most popular betting markets among punters. It is not so important which team will score a goal. The course of the game is much easier to predict than the result on the scoreboard. You can find out more about this in this article. We give you tips on how to increase your winnings when betting on the number of goals.

Analyze the motivation of both teams

If the tournament position is stable, the gap to the pursuers is large or the teams are stuck in the middle of the table, with no fear of relegation and no chance of promotion – this is a reason for caution. You should only bet when one or both teams are motivated to score and win. When no one really wants anything, nil-nil or draw outcomes often occur.

Choose Wisely The Championships

game strategies

Let’s talk more about choosing which tournaments where you should use the described strategy. This is important because not all championships are suitable. The countries’ football championships can be divided according to performance. To do this, process the final tables of the championships of the last 2-3 seasons. The task is to identify the tournaments in which at the same time there were a minimum number of draws in the final and a minimum number of results with a goal difference of more than 3.

So the player’s task is to choose the championships of mediocre performing countries. These are leagues in which the average number of points is around 2-2.5 goals. The methodology for selecting suitable tournaments is discussed below. Due to mental peculiarities, the players in such championships do not “tear out their veins” and do not impress with their commitment from the first minute.

The favorites try to win with their class and not to force events. As a result, the first half performance was not brilliant. The first half of the game often ends in a 0-0 draw. As time runs out, especially in the last 30 minutes of the game, the contenders for 3 points start to move and the goals start coming. The idea is to look for games in suitable leagues where the score is 0-0 at half time.

Find out more about the two teams

game strategies

You need to know and follow the lineups of both teams in the game. At a minimum, you need to know who is responsible for creating, accelerating, and completing attacks. If the main playmaker or striker is not on the pitch due to injury or disqualification, the team may not be able to score the opponent’s goal. If such details are missing, the player increases the percentage of losses. At the same time, it is easy to keep track of such information. This increases the accuracy of the fit and the final gain on the bench.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Betting Market

The undisputed advantage of this betting market is that it is based on psychology. Long-term observations of the above-mentioned championships, clear trends – this is a good basis for an informed betting decision. This betting option has an excellent combination of mathematical expectation and the size of the odds. However, the betting odds for this betting option can often be quite low.

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