Tipster’s Guide: How To Analyze Football Matches For Betting Predictions

football betting

Millions of people are passionate about football and betting on this traditional and popular sport. Various bookmakers have over 50-100 different betting markets in their portfolio for people who want to convert their enthusiasm for football into money. To become a professional at betting on football, you have to constantly analyze matches and look at statistics. But which factors should be taken into account when evaluating matches for betting predictions? In this article we will look at the factors that must underlie every informed betting decision.

The betting odds

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the qualitative analysis and comparison of bookmakers’ odds with your own odds. Your own calculation is not always more correct, but it is a sure sign that the player is on the right path. If, in the opinion of the bettor, the presented odds slightly underestimate the chances of a particular team winning, it is worth further analyzing everything and proving that this is so. As a bonus, you can get a favorable outcome with minimal risk. It is not difficult to understand such a tactic, especially since there are now many sources with statistics and even analyzes from experts that can be used to achieve success.

The current statistics for the games and teams

football betting

Knowledge of statistics allows you to significantly reduce the risk of losing money when betting. Despite the simplicity of analyzing statistics, this process has a lot of nuances that, even if taken into account, do not always bring what is needed. We don’t want to scare anyone, but let’s be honest – if you only take the basic indicators, they are unlikely to contribute to a good prediction. For example, team A has won in the last 3 games only with good statistics in all indicators.

Given this data, the bookmaker offers low odds for the next game and the club loses. Why? In all 3 previous games the team had to deal with underdogs, and in the fourth game they faced a mid-table team that was extremely motivated to get points. His opponent was underestimated, perhaps fatigue also played a role and everything together led to the defeat. So it’s worth not only looking at the statistics, but also at the tables, the names of the teams and the performances of the teams whose game you want to bet your money on.

The weather conditions

Well, here it is very difficult to guess whether it will rain or the promised sun will shine. Even the weather forecast is not always correct, so this indicator is only important for the live game. If it rains, you can bet less money on the sporting event.

The form of the teams and their performances

football betting

In addition to motivation and the calendar, experienced bettors always take the team lineups into account. This applies not only to game registration, but also to players’ performance, even in a specific encounter with a specific opponent. The key indicators to look out for are injuries, disqualifications and performance in terms of playing time.

Players are often suspended from the team for disciplinary violations and other offenses, even if they are good players with a name. Without analysis, you can bet on the team hoping that the player taken out of the squad will score a few goals, and he will not be in the game. The final result can also significantly influence the team’s form and the series of wins/losses.

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